Black Zones Matter are recruiting!

Hello one and all! We are pleased to inform you that Black Zones Matter have opened our doors for recruitment. We are a balanced guild based in Thetford but operate all over the map with an island in Caerleon. With a system of gatherers and crafters in place we are more than happy to gear up newer players up to t4 for free with lots of opportunities to be helped into higher tiers. The guild has a few core principles, they are;

Organisation. Both in guild structure, and PvP runs.

Respect among ranks.

Shared PvP looting (even the healers get a share).

Focus on helping out other guild members.

Unit cohesion in every aspect of the game.

Preparations for launch.

With core groups of players all over the world there are always people online, with dungeon and pvp runs happening every night. We are focusing on pvp runs, hellgates with the guild being just around the corner from starting gvgs.

Discord essential – We want to hear your beautiful voices. All guild organisation is done through it. All skill levels welcome but good plays and experience will be rewarded with a fast progression and trust in the guild.

If all this sounds good then message one of the following people to gain invite into the guild.

Delvoid, our extremely dedicated and handsome leader

Breestone, Right hand

Cammi, Left hand

Zyerry, Jazz hands

Hope to see you with us on the blood splattered fields of albion!

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