Biggest reason Skirmish sucks, is because of you

Seriously, Skirmish is just an un-ending Elimination. It's the gamemode that most people really want – the chance to continually fight other players, but without constant resetting, bots (granted, there's a few), objectives, and so on.

But no. Skirmish has gotten such a bad rep, that every person that goes in there, has this weird asshole mentality, of just ruining it and getting it over with. It doesn't need to be a clusterfuck – YOU MAKE IT A CLUSTERFUCK.

Honestly, I really liked Skirmish in the beginning – before it got the reputation that it has now. People have better manners in goddamned Dominion, which is just nuts.

I'm not talking about some cringey "honor" – I'm talking about fun gameplay. You don't need to jump into every fight, and make it a giant teamfight or 4v1 gangbang. You don't even need to do the gamemode if you don't want to! ("But muh steel!" Oh shut up)

If people played it, like it's meant to be played (players spawning away from each other, no fixed points, all to encourage "randomly" finding other players to fight), it would be a fun mode again. But it sucks, because everyone has decided it sucks, and play it like it sucks, and somehow decided that's the best.

EDIT: 63% upvoted. Getting real salty up in here. (EDIT 2 note: down to 60%!)

EDIT 2: There are (largely, not only) three types of replies. Let me answer all of them:

1) "There are issues with the game mode, making it better to group up" – I agree! The game mode could certainly be better, no doubt. The point I'm making is that it doesn't NEED to suck unless you play it like that. It's perfectly possible to have a great game mode, even though it's flawed if people didn't jump into it with the mindset of "let's just get it over with, it's a gankfest anyway".

2) "STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO, HONOR IS BS!" – I'm not telling you what to do. Read what I wrote, christ. I'm saying that many (most?) find the game mode crap because it turns into a massive gankfest, where everyone is only out to finish their Skirmish Order. And you know what? You can just, you know, not play like that, and it's actually fun.

3) "I NEED TO DO IT FOR ORDER!!11" – you don't NEED to do anything. You may choose to do it because you want to complete every single Order the game gives you, because you're trying to min/max your time. That's a choice on your end, and doesn't really matter when compared with the rest of the thread.

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