[BIG SPOILERS] Ending E question

One thing that bugs me about ending E is the sentence near the end "won't that simply lead us to the same conclusion as before?".

Correct me if im wrong but by the same conclusion as before I assume they are talking about repeating YoRHa cycle, but now the machines are gone after firing the ark. What exactly do they mean by same conclusion? They cannot reproduce the war, simply because their enemies are gone. Who would they fight now?

Also what about other bunkers? I assume since backdoor virus activated in our bunker (which was a sign that its time for a new YoRHa cycle) they already had brand new one prepared with all the data. It confuses me quite a bit, because now:

a) who would they fight if machines are gone from Earth b) there's no hope for a different future in ending E simply because command at new bunker would still keep up their humanity propaganda

Maybe im wrong about all this other bunker stuff but how possibly can you explain activation of backdoor virus and thus self-destruction of only bunker without having a next one ready to roll? Wasn't backdoor virus built to mark the start of a new YoRHa cycle?

EDIT: Also another big question is if we assume that bunker is gone then how is it possible for surviving androids on Earth (2B, A2, 9S and Resistance) to rebuild project YoRHa if they have no measures to make new units since their base is gone.

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