Better building options

I spent about 3 hours last night trying to find a proper solution to my problem but nothing seemed to work. The main issue I'm coming across is with the gates and how they're set along the middle of foundations instead of the outside edge of a foundation like everything else. Because of this, using a gate in anything other than an outside wall is impossible without coming across a half-sized tile gap somewhere in your build. I was able to partially hide mine with sloped roofs above the tallest part of the gate but the gap is still there and it completely ruined my build plans.

Thinking about it, there's possible solutions that devs could implement so that we can have more freedom in our builds

First, give us the option of where pieces will fit on a foundation. For example, let us be able to choose if we want walls to snap to the outer edges of a foundation or run right down the middle like the gates do. Or give us the option to snap gates to the outer edges of foundations.

Second, give us half-size building options. If not everything sits on the outside edge of a foundation, half size ceiling tiles and foundations would give us the ability to fill any gaps created by building onto a gate.

Something else I think would be helpful for builds is a different option for triangular pieces. If we had right angled triangle ceilings and foundations as well it would be much easier to build complete structures with solid floors and no gaps in higher levels. Dont take away the equilateral pieces by any means, but I think incorporating right angled triangles would make some builds a little easier

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