Beta notes i took from a hours of playing (PS4)

voicing my opinion/listing some bugs and concerns about GRW. also, to see if other people had the same experience and get some other points of view.

I primarily played with friends and sometimes with strangers. It was not often that i played solo, so MOST of my notes are co op related.


  • Mission objectives became unresponsive. i.e. el politos car couldn't be returned. and a convoy truck mission wouldn't complete after it was tagged.

  • Character becoming unresponsive. i.e. trying to get on a dirt bike at the spawn point (itacua charlie rally point).

  • Couldn't see a player in my lobby. he was playing, he could see me, i could hear him, but there was no indication that he existed except for his character showing in the lobby menu.

  • Load screen showed chat icons from players in a old lobby.

  • Audio after vehicle related death or fall damage related death would become dulled.

  • Weapon switch icon appearing incorrectly. i.e. when i switched to the m40a5 it would show a mp5 for a brief second.

  • Floating guns when inside a vehicle.

  • Permawet character model. i.e. it looks like my character just got out of a body of water even though i never went in one during the whole game session (to my recollection).

  • Repeating character dialogue. i.e. the opening dialogue to the mission would repeat or spotting enemies (that didnt exist) was repeating

  • When reloading the "bullet in the chamber" isnt recognized (I call this a bug cause its been in every Tom Clancy game…ever?)

  • Crye precision clothes don't match in brightness

Those are in my opinion bugs, this next list of things are more like things I feel are incomplete:

  • Window breaking animation. i.e. when your riding passenger in the car, i feel like the animation to breaking the window should be a little more elaborate instead of just breaking though with head really quickly.

  • SUBTITLES. where are they? visual and audio accessibility options across the board

  • In armored vehicles like the "Humvee" you should be able to switch from the window to the gunner to the other window. you shouldn't have to leave the vehicle to get to the gunner seat.

  • Sitting in truck beds as a passenger seat, there's a screenshot in existence where a ghost is in the bed of the truck. curious if the feature was taken out or a bug.

  • An elevation indicator would be nice when searching for supplies/objectives in multistory buildings. I can understand why it isnt in the game but i think its a simple QoL change.

  • Fast travel accuracy in multiplayer, if someone is driving a vehicle with open seats when you fast travel you should be able to appear in the the AI does. at least put them within 75m of them in general. i personally, found fast travelling to other characters to be pointless. BUT when the FULL map is open and as big as it is i can see this not being that big of a deal.

  • Multiplayer waypoints if a player puts a waypoint down the co op partners should see a route to get there as well. In MY group of friends i'm always the pilot/driver (they dont like to drive or fly and they aren't good at it) so it became annoying to always have to put down my waypoint where theres is when you could just follow the blue line to get there. i could see how playing with strangers could get confusing but maybe put a toggle switch in to get both options? or just different colors for each player.

All in all I enjoyed the beta very much and I look forward to the full release. I just don't want another DIVISION fiasco. Ghost Recon 2 was one of my first XBL games and I've played everything in the Tom Clancy franchise ever since.

also this is like my first ever reddit post so if i messed up on anything or if i should just make a smaller post…sorry

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