Beta feedbacks are all the rage, why not.

Welp, might as well.


  • AI Psychics: Listen, the AI should not be able to magically know where the guy they found dead on the ground got shot from. They shouldn't be able to magically track people they don't even know exist yet. Also, unless they call for assistance, the entire god damned village shouldn't instantly go on alert when Rando Hernandez spots a guy.

  • Airsoft gear in the game: Okay. Seriously? A mesh mask? You're kidding, right? Who the hell was the military adviser on this title, Matt from

  • Cover system: Okay for all the crap the Division got wrong, this was something they actually got right, down to giving players the option to make it a hard lock to cover or a soft lock.

  • Helicopter controls: Ho-lee crap. What the hell was that, guys? Go play some Saints Row 3 or GTA 5 and take notes. Throttle up and down should control altitude, directional control should adjust tilt, and we seriously need the ability to rotate. Airplanes had similar issues with no rudder control, making landings stupidly hard to line up.

  • Weapons issues: Fast travelling would strip me of looted weapons, which was something of a problem for snipers who fell in love with a looted MSR, with a scope made for sniping, not some glorified ACOG. Might be less of an issue in late game, but early on, enemies are a source of gear you can't get access to like Snipers with functioning scopes and ARs with magnifiers.

  • Teammate AI: Pretty much borders on useless. Winds up hanging way back, leaving the player to largely fend for themselves when things go tits up. Should be able to order teammates to take positions with tacmap. This feature would also be useful for max difficulty, HUD OFF players to co-ordinate movements with Co-Op teammates.

  • The LOAC gripe messages: Just what the hell am I supposed to do with an enemy lieutenant after I interrogate them? Knocking them out counts as a kill, though when done in a mission as the objective it doesn't count? Also, can you please change the color marker on surrendering enemies to a different color? I like that the Ghosts have to obey LOAC, but I can't tell you how many times I snap-shot a guy through cover.

  • No LAW rockets?: They're in current service, and operators adore them for their light weight and ease of use. Military loves them because they're cheap as hell. Would give the team the tools to take out enemy motorized assets quickly. Could see a hard cap of 2 rockets as either a weapon slot or a gadget slot.

  • Holy crap my uniforms don't match: Not sure if its a bug, but shirt and pants patterned the same color don't even remotely match on brightness, and most items are way too bright or saturated. Consider toning down brightness on everything except shirts, brighten shirts, and desaturate everything a smidgeon. ERDL pattern gear looks almost cartoonishly green when it should be somewhat muted.


  • The Weapons: Dig the variety, dig that gunsmith mode came back, though in a slightly less in-depth form. Hope to see more parts available in the final game, even if it's just cosmetics. Also love that the Desert Eagle can't mount a suppressor. DO NOT CHANGE THAT.

  • On Foot controls: Can't complain here, everything felt nice and tight, and I like that weapons remember my fire mode and sighting selection independent of each other. It was really nice to be able to keep my AR or LMG set to over-the-shoulder aiming, and my sniper set to ADS, and have it retain those settings even after swapping gear.

  • The minibus physics: I actually kinda adored the Minibus, and the wobbly, soft-as-sponge suspension is actually fairly accurate for those little 4×4 vans.

  • Team banter in solo: As someone whose friends were busy all weekend, this helped a fair bit. Hopefully there's more. However, after the first couple times, can you make them stop commenting on tagging supplies? I get it. I know why we're tagging these. You can stop.


  • 50 FPS cap?: I'm not sure if this was a weird overlay bug, or you guys released something configured for PAL, but it struck me as really weird that my FPS counter would read 60 in menus, but 50 in-game.

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