Being able to get XP for repeated Hunting Grounds trials has got to be a bug, right?

I think ~10k for a Blazing Sun is an incredibly generous reward to begin with, but letting you repeat them and keep getting the XP on top of the reward boxes is just downright game-breaking. Once you master them they're easy and can be done in less than a minute. I could get myself to level 50 in an afternoon here without ever leaving the Sacred Land.

The XP should be for getting each sun the first time, and then reward boxes for repeat runs. I've nothing against a good spot for farming, and repeating the trials for some quick loot. But those 10k XP each time are just ridiculous.

I already feel like I might have cheated inadvertently by (presumably, I wasn't paying attention) getting full XP rewards for my failed attempts and running the trials for practice.

And I still don't quite get how the system works and how much XP you really get, and if you get slightly less for repeats. I remember getting 12.5 for a Blazing once, then 10 another time.

At first I assumed if you got a Blazing on your first try for example, you'd get the XP of all 3. You know, the same way you'd get all trophies for lower difficulties if you complete a game on Hard.

I still don't know if that's the case. But that was when I assumed you'd only get each XP reward once for reaching that stage, and only reward boxes for repeats. But that's obviously not true, I just tested it.

This seems really annoying since it screws over my sense of (natural) progression. I dunno, just bugs me that this is there and that I've benefited from it.

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