Beginners Guide/Tips Megathread

Hey, every new release needs one.

Lets compile tips and strats here for beginners and current players alike. I'll try update the OP as much as I can, but try to avoid writing spoilers.


Language – The games comes loaded with both English and Japanese audio. There are about half a dozen subtitle languages available too. Yes, the JP version also has English support.

Difficulty – There are four options that you can choose from the very start before you start the game.
* Easy – Enemies are weaker and you can also use easy mode exclusive mod chips such as auto shoot and auto dodge.
* Normal – Standard difficulty.
* Hard – Enemies hit a lot harder and you cannot lock on to enemies.
* Very Hard – On top of not being able to lock on, enemies are stronger and every hit kills you in one shot.

Beginning Tutorial Prologue

You will need to play through a brief prologue that will teach you the basic mechanics of the game. However, during this prologue, you will not be able to save and there are no checkpoints. So if you die, you will be sent back to the menu and have to start all over again. Playing on hard mode can get you killed in one hit during the prologue, so I personally recommend that you play on normal, unless you are really adept at action games.

However, dying in the prologue will get you one of the many endings of the game.

Post Prologue

You will lose everything except one of your starting weapons after the prologue ends. This includes all the items that you picked up during the prologue. However, you will be able retrieve them and you can do so immediately after returning to earth. A guide will be made later on how you can retrieve it.

Save Points – Once you reach earth, you will be given your first chance to save. But before that you need to kill enemies that are attacking it. Most save points are first noted as a red dot on the map and before you can use it, you need to first destroy the enemies attacking it. After clearing the area, you can activate the save point which will update the map with more information. You can also save by activating the save point or by being near the save point within it's radius by going to the menu and selecting quick save.

Treasures and Loot

There are a variety of treasures spread around the map. Large and small treasure boxes and field loot. Treasure boxes are one time rewards, however field loot identifiable as a yellow/gold glow respawn over time/reset. There are some sealed large treasure boxes, do not mind these on your first playthrough as they are only available past your second playthrough.


Shop Discount – After reaching earth and visiting the resistance camp, you can return to the bunker (space station) to start some side quests. One of those quests is called "11B's Momentos" given by 16D. Completing the quest will reward you many items including a small sword. After getting the weapon, you can upgrade it by getting some easy materials. Doing so, the weapon will gain a special bonus and give you a 25% discount on store items. Making upgrades a but more lighter.

Making easy money – Any item that says "can be traded for money" are safe to sell. You can also fish as even the most basic fish can be sold at 2500 per piece.

Blow off em skirtz!? – You can hold down L3 and R3 to initiate your self destruct. However, this won't kill you outright, but instead it'll blow off your skirt instead. Your HP will also be down to 1 so make sure to heal after. However, self destructing in some areas will get you a game over, so do it somewhere that's open… This will reset on death or resetting the game.

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