Before I respec (again), is there any value to an elemental/recurrent damage build?

I just killed Saika and I'm beginning to feel like I'd be better served by just doing a standard build and only dip into Onmyo/Ninja trees for a few select things. My issues are: *I use dual swords and end up reapplying a buff 5-6 times a fight. This usually takes up an opening where I could have just y'know attacked the boss instead.

*Poison pretty much doesn't work on bosses. So my gear that buffs poison recurrent damage is basically worthless except when fighting some random yokai.

*Weaknesses aren't that significant. Except for Umi Bozu, elemental damage hasn't really done much to move the fight along. It's also costs a TON of points to unlock every element buff at level 3, so I'm dumping points into Omnyo and getting very little for the investment. Is there any reason I shouldn't just Power Pill + Carnage? Smaller point investment, more damage, works on everything.

*There are no sets to really build around. Red Demon's gives a nice boost against a burning target, Warrior of the West does the same for lightning.

I wanted to run a damage over time build cause it's fun when it works – my attacks are weak, but I weave in and out applying debuffs and let the sustained damage help bring down my target. But I keep asking myself why I'm bothering, I'm only allowed to use this on a few irrelevant trash mobs before I need to hit a shrine just to use it on a few more irrelevant trash mobs. I could just straight up do more damage and never spend time buffing my weapons and missing out on attack openings.

So, basically, I'm looking for someone who is running a recurrent damage build to tell me there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Does this work at some point? I have my eyes on these swords: in hopes that the CTA Onmyo A rating will change my experience.

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