Been running my casual guild for 9 years. I consider that sort of successful. Here’s some best practices I’d like to share.

This's just a list of the things I did, and this isn't a how-to guide to success. I'm a big advocate of being part of a cool guild that fits your game needs, because we set our standards to where we don't have to worry about most of the issues many players face like ilvl requirements, Legendaries and not running into assholes.

  1. I recruited people, not a class, spec or item level (most of the time).
  2. I identify our guild's social environment…and defend it
  3. I have no officers (because size). But I empower the team to manage itself.
  4. I encourage airing grievances but discourage whispers and Officer Chat
  5. I tried to understand toxicity or bad attitudes before taking action
  6. I stayed cool. It made me more effective when I had to actually be stern!
  7. I handle bad days with a cool head to avoid negative consequences
  8. I manage expectations.
  9. I set consistent loot rules and prioritize the guild over the individual (and tell people to not be an asshole)
  10. I used an easy application for external communication and social connection
  11. I ask for input on major shifts, and otherwise value consistency
  12. I play on my strengths as a player to support the team and influence their contributions
  13. I try to avoid letting cliques disrupt the team dynamic
  14. I break the monotony (of our usual activities) from time to time
  15. I identified our gameplay style and from that, determine the guild's goals
  16. I never gave up.

There's obviously a lot of context missing and I posted a video where I talk about this at length (35m long!). But more than anything I wanted to share the list. Thanks.

Video link

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