Become Legend: Weekly Tips (Nightfall/Heroics/Shaxx/Tier 12 Info)


This is a revised edition of the Weekly Guides I used to do. I think most players get the gist of what to do from week to week so this is a toned down version with only worthwhile information or uncommon but useful strategies.

Nightfall – Cerberus Vae III


  • Epic
  • Berserk
  • Brawler
  • Fresh Troops
  • Airborne

This strike is going to be annoying because Berserk stops Phalanx from flinching and you're going to have to deal with that. Hand Cannons will help with the in-air accuracy, though Sunsingers with Angel of Light and Titans wearing Empyrean Bellicose will be able to sit in the air to deal massive damage with a Sniper Rifle (highly recommended for the boss).

SIVA Crisis Heroic


  • Heroic
  • Arc Burn
  • Juggler
  • Catapult

Zhalo Supercell, Arc subclasses, and you'll be just fine! Zhalo helps with countering Juggler, Arc Blade and Stormtrance are going to crush minions this week.

Shaxx Bounty – A Game of Rift


  • Complete 7 Matches
  • 50 Primary Kills
  • 25 Assisted Kills
  • Runner Stopped

The hardest thing this week is Runner Stopped because you'll want to be capturing the Spark, not letting the other team get it. If you can't intentionally give the Spark to the enemy then Super the Spark Runner you'll need to cut him off. Special Weapons do best here, a Shotgun to the chest or Sniper to the head should be enough to down him.

Weekly Elite Bounties

With The Dawning comes some new bounties for strikes to accompany their recent changes. These bounties may be picked up from Zavala.

  • Strike Elite: Earn 9 Medals in Strikes (Bronze/Silver/Gold Tier)
    • Rewards: 10000 EXP, Vanguard Rep +200, Legendary Armor, Legendary Marks +10
  • Sunrise: Earn a Gold Tier Achieve Medal in the Nightfall before time expires.
    • Rewards: 10000 EXP, Vanguard Rep +200, Legendary Weapon, Legendary Marks +10
  • Make a Rainbow: Rapidly earn "Primary", "Special", and "Heavy Streak" Medals to earn "Rainbow" Medals
    • Rewards: 10000 EXP, Vanguard Rep +200, Legendary Armor, Legendary Marks +10

Make a Rainbow is easier than it sounds. As long as you don't have a team wipe you can get a Primary, Special, and Heavy Streak medal in any order to trigger the Rainbow Medal. Once the medal is collected just start over to get another.

Vendor Items

This section is only going to include gear that is capable of Tier 12.

Vendor Item Name Class Armor Slot INT DISC STR % of Max
Variks Kells' Mark Titan Class Item 23 25 96%
The Speaker Cult/Trinary Star Hunter Class Item 24 25 98%
The Speaker Freeholder's Memory Titan Class Item 24 25 98%
The Speaker The Five Lives of Albios Warlock Class Item 25 24 98%
The Speaker Nightstalker's Cloak Hunter Class Item 25 25 100%
The Speaker Stormcaller's Bond Warlock Class Item 25 23 96%
Shiro-4 Felwinter's Iron Bond Warlock Class Item 24 24 96%
Tyra Karn Memory of Silimar N/A Artifact 32 44 100%
Faction NPC Material
Future War Cult Lakshmi-2 Wormspore
Dead Orbit Arach Jalal Wormspore
New Monarchy Executor Hideo Relic Iron
Crota's Bane Eris Morn Hadium Flakes


In addition to these snipits I've been putting out some detailed Crucible videos and Trials of Osiris guides:

Edit: I post these first thing in the morning and it's always immediately downvoted by a few people. I don't care about internet karma, but please let me know what I can do to make these posts "good" or worth your time instead of just mindlessly downvoting a helpful topic. Have a nice day.

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