Become Legend: Weekly Tips (Nightfall/Heroics/Shaxx/Tier 12 Info) [2017-03-14]


This is a revised edition of the Weekly Guides I used to do. I think most players get the gist of what to do from week to week so this is a toned down version with only worthwhile information or uncommon but useful strategies.



  • Epic
  • Small Arms
  • Juggler
  • Grounded
  • Chaff

Small Arms and Juggler, there are ways to combat this if you so choose. Zhalo Supercell and Bad Juju work pretty well and being Primary Weapons will deal extra damage. I’m a fan of simply switching to a Sniper Rifle every now and then to get some kills then picking up a primary brick, so I’ll probably still run a Burning Eye. You do you, Guardian. Also, don’t jump… don’t be that guy this week.



  • Heroic
  • Solar Burn
  • Small Arms
  • Ironclad

Here I like the Burning Eye, a Solar Sniper Rifle, and good ol’ Gjallarhorn. Dragon’s Breath, Sleeper Simulant, and Raze Lighter will surely have their place in doing hefty damage so pick your poison and enjoy as this should be a fun week. Be careful of SIVA modified strikes, that’s Solar damage and you will feel pain.



  • Complete 7 Matches
  • 30 Advantage Kills
  • 15 Captures
  • B-Line

The hardest objective is going to be B-Line. This requires you to capture the B Zone first, you must be a participant in the capture to get the medal and complete the objective so you can’t just go slaughter the enemy and keep them off it while your buddies capture. This means everyone will be doing it, my suggestion is to just go quickly to B and hold your grenades until the enemy starts to capture or push to the point and starting capturing while throwing grenades at choke points to keep the enemy back long enough to capture. Remember, it takes 3 players to have the fastest capture speed so get at least that many on the point.

Advantage Kills aren’t incredibly obvious in what that requires of you. Your team must have more capture points than the other team when you get a kill, most commonly in the form of 2-1 but it can occur on 1-0. Finally, 15 Captures should be easy across 7 matches considering you get homebase first on every match for free.


With The Dawning comes some new bounties for strikes to accompany their recent changes. These bounties may be picked up from Zavala.

  • Strike Elite: Earn 9 Medals in Strikes (Bronze/Silver/Gold Tier)
    • Rewards: 10000 EXP, Vanguard Rep +200, Legendary Armor, Legendary Marks +10
  • Sunrise: Earn a Gold Tier Achieve Medal in the Nightfall before time expires.
    • Rewards: 10000 EXP, Vanguard Rep +200, Legendary Weapon, Legendary Marks +10
  • Clean Up: Get 150 enemy kills with your fireteam during a SIVA Crisis Strike to earn “Brutal Efficiency” Medals.
    • Rewards: 10000 EXP, Vanguard Rep +200, Legendary Armor, Legendary Marks +10

This is a fairly easy week for weeklies, the Clean Up bounty and the Brutal Efficiency medals should come from just playing the strike as long as you kill your way through instead of skipping areas.


This section is only going to include gear that is capable of Tier 12.

Vendor Item Name Class Armor Slot INT DISC STR % of Max
Variks Devils’ Disguise Hunter Class Item 25 23 96%
The Speaker Season of Ages XII Titan Class Item 25 23 96%
The Speaker Sunbreaker’s Mark Titan Class Item 24 24 96%
The Speaker Bladedancer’s Cloak Hunter Class Item 24 24 96%
Shiro-4 Mantle of Gheleon Hunter Class Item 25 25 100%
Shiro-4 Jolder’s Iron Sash Titan Class Item 25 23 96%
Tyra Karn Memory of Felwinter N/A Artifact 36 129 86 247%
Faction NPC Material
Future War Cult Lakshmi-2 Wormspore
Dead Orbit Arach Jalal Helium Filament
New Monarchy Executor Hideo Spin Metal
Crota’s Bane Eris Morn Hadium Flakes



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