Be safe, use manual saves.

Long story short, I lost about 10 hours of the most fruitful progress I’ve made thus far because I hadn’t manual saved in awhile and let my girlfriend play. If you have more than one file, make sure you always at least end a session with manual saving.

Actual full story, for anyone who wants to laugh at/pity/wallow with me:

I found my first Thunderjaw nest yesterday and excitedly set myself up for my first try at farming for purple mods. Being a lifelong RPG player, I mostly used manual saves when I felt big moments coming. Saving feels like a natural part of prep. Successfully took down my first ones (at the cost of my entire medicine pouch and the first potions I’ve used in this game), and decided to restock and farm a few more. Finished with 12 shiny new coils and weaves. Eventually noticed I had to be at work in 10 minutes and I hadn’t even washed up yet, so I just autosaved in my rush. Mistake #1.

Got home that night, pretty sleepy, but buddies wanted to talk online. So I was playing pretty distractedly, but I managed to take down the beasts and grab another 6 mods. Noticed there was a big chunk of fog of war between activated Tallnecks, so I decided to explore that area, and of course managed to run into another couple Thunderjaws (and a buttload of Sawtooths). Probably grabbed another 8 or 9 good mods from my run through that area. Late night now, and had work early in the morning. Barely conscious enough to have the wherewithal to fast travel back to a vendor to sell crap from my completely full resources pack. Of course, I just auto saved before switching to Netflix and knocking out. Mistake #2.

This afternoon, girlfriend comes over and is actually excited to play more of Horizon for herself. She’s not a gamer, but she’s loving this so far, so I’m eager too. We switch it on and I realize I had let my PS4 go into Rest Mode and HZD was suspended on me at the vendor still. She lets me go over my hard earned mods from last night and I revel in my new super-buffed snowball launcher, tearrow bow, and lucky charms armor. I auto-save one more time because I’m a fucking idiot, and we switch to her file. Mistake #3, and hopefully the last one I make.

Again, my girlfriend is not much of a gamer. Rotating the camera is a lot for her. She only melees. I do the climbing portions for her. So I don’t make her manual save, I just tell her to run past every campfire she sees and press triangle so she comes back there when she dies. She fell asleep a couple hours ago after telling me to feel free to play on my own. I went to load up my file and realized, to my horror, I was level 41 with 50 hours. I should’ve been level 45 with nearly 60 hours. Much swearing occurred.

It’s been about 2 hours and I’m back up to 43 with 6 of those sweet, sweet purple mods back. Only 2 of them are looking as good as the favorites that I had last night. Never again.

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