Bases taking forever to load

When logging into the game or respawning, my base takes forever to load, sometimes I'm waiting up to five minutes before I am actually able to move about in it or exit. This is really frustrating when I've died and desperately need to return to my corpse but am stuck waiting three, four, five minutes before I can leave my base. Another issue with this, and a more concerning one, is other bases are also taking forever to load, so I can walk into someones base, break as many of their things as possible, and then walk out before their walls have spawned in. This is absolutely game-breaking, even if it applies for just 5% of players. You could have a fresh player walk through your walls before they've loaded, break all your boxes, then either die in there or walk out.

There are other people in my server reporting this same issue, so I am wondering if this is a problem with the current state of the game, the server I'm playing on, even my pc's hardware or setting I'm running the game on. Any info would be great, cheers.

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