Base Gate/Door Solution:

Would someone explain to me why the solution for gates was self exploding when being impeded by another object? Why can't the gates/doors simply stop in place when coming in contact with an impeding object?

The logic behind this new solution makes absolutely no sense to me what so ever outside of taking a typical lazy route in developing this game once more. I've mentioned gates/doors simply stopping in place multiple times, but no one ever comes up with a logical reason why the decision to self explode was the logical choice over the obvious choice. I'd be happy with disappointment if a technical reason is used as the excuse. That's something instead of nothing. I'm perfectly fine with gates changing in terms of object impediment. However, making them explode makes absolutely zero sense to me when there are much better solutions available. The effort placed into that can't be any more difficult than the latter for the obvious solution of simply STOPPING in place when impacting another object.

Using the excuse that this type of change is supporting the new system is a joke. Exploding gates does not make me anticipate the new building system. If anything, that makes me highly skeptical that the new system will even be worth my time. Telling players to wait for the new system is a fallacy or cop out. The simple truth of the matter is that this was a BAD feature that had good intentions with a terrible delivery. There are much better solutions that could have been used. The best solution is clearly just having a gate/door stop in place when making impact with another object.

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