Banshee’s Bench: A Modified Massive Breakdown

Hey everyone, I made a thing and wanted to share it with you.

Banshee's Bench

I, like many, spend a lot of time in the depths of the Massive Breakdowns by /u/Mercules904 . He was more than kind enough to give me permission to use his masterpiece as my main source of this project. If it were not for him and his help, I would not have created this.

  • What is this?: A tool to compare your choice of weapon stats, scopes, and barrels side by side, on one page.

  • Why?: So many great Guardians put their time and effort in to discovering/gathering this useful info. I hope my contribution helps anyone interested in zeroing in on their preference of weapons/scopes/barrel perks.

  • Who am I?: Long time lurker, occasional poster, Excel geek, re-worded a Dawning poem once, wanted to contribute to the Destiny Community.

  • Future: I plan on updating this whenever there is a change in any of the numbers. I am open to any and all suggestions, corrections, or questions!

Additional Notes

  • PLEASE SAVE THIS TO YOUR COMPUTER (Click "File", then "Download As", then select a file type) The entire first tab is editable, which could get weird if several users are editing the same version at the same time. Edit: I decided to require you to save it/download the file in order to edit. /u/gintellectual made a great point, we don't want any accidental breakage going on!

  • This is my first time sharing an excel doc like this. Please let me know if something is not working properly. I will try to be available during the day for questions or bugs. Worst case, I will get to everything tonight after work.

  • Most importantly, the credit! Huge shout out to Mercules for the majority of the data. Any additional info I added was taken from Planet Destiny and Both websites are awesome, and if you haven't already, definitely check them out. Destiny Scopes even has pictures of every scope!!!

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