Balance Changes You Weren’t Told About

I just stumbled upon this channel,who made a video explaining this.I recommend you to go watch it.

Here are some things you weren't told about.PS-The mechanic,when troops stop hitting a Royal Giant because they think that tower will take care of them and leave,THIS HAS BEEN FIXED.

Most of you know the changes by now,but some don't know all of them.So let's get started.

The last 2 points displayed in this post are crucial and truly gamechanging.

Xbow and Dart Goblin-20% Slower Attack

Archers-Both Archers now attack 1 Skeleton at the same time.THIS IS GAMECHANGING,as they suck at countering Skeletons now.

SpearGobs-Archers got a nerf,due to the GameMechanic change ,but this card got an indirect buff,as is better at countering Skeletons

HogRider-Pigpush without the need of using troops.

3Muskies-Now can split them,even if 1 tower is gone.

Tesla- 3-3 Plant will not be targeted by Royal GG.CREDITS: Snaky-Snake.

Royal Giant-Now,troops will not leave attacking this card,due to a GameMechanic change,thus this means that Royal GG get's 1 less shot on the tower.

Executioner-Troll Image inserted,so people stop using this card.

If I missed anything or if the stats/information given here isn't accurate,let me know.I'll edit it out and credit you.

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