Back up save files in SEPARATE intervals, NOT all at once

I've created an account just to share this experience with you guys in the hopes that you can avoid what I just went through. I read this subreddit everyday and can see how dedicated you guys are to the game and wouldn't want this to happen to you. Last night after closing the game application, I did my back up save routine (saved my data on the cloud AND on a USB stick). Too my demise, I woke up this morning to the infamous CE-34878-0 error code. When I boot up the game, my guardian spirit is missing on the menu screen and the game consistently crashes when I try to load my save file.

The look on my face when I realized that I overwrote ALL of my back up saves with a corrupted file would make for a very dramatic piece of photography. I've looked up and attempted every suggested troubleshooting method to fix this and nothing has worked. When all else failed, I even dusted off my original PS4, downloaded Nioh and attempted to load up the game save on THAT system and ran into the same error, which presumably confirms that it's a save data corruption issue. There was nothing unusual when I closed the application last night. The game did not crash and I ALWAYS wait for the save symbol to finish its animation, so I have no clue how my save file got corrupted (and I certainly wish I knew it was before I decided to back everything up).

So how do you avoid losing 110+ hours of gameplay on a level 750 character to boot? Some of you may already know the answer, but in case you don't – back up your saves, and not just on the cloud, but ALSO on a USB stick. Most importantly: DO NOT back up everything all at once. In the future I plan to upload save files on a USB stick separate from when I upload it onto the cloud and then update it sporadically.

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