Azeroth, the bad guy? [Mains contain spoilers]

*may contain

So, in warcraft universe, a large part of the old gods lore is based on lovecraft universe of mythos. In mythos, Azathoth in simple words is the main villain of the series, the leader of all the old ones. And then this came to my idea. Like C'thun is inspired in C'thulhus, Azeroth may be inspired by Azathoth. It says on lovecraft universe that Azathoth is located on the center of the planet, wich would explain why Azeroth is so corrupted. It would also explain why Sargeras is so obcessed about destroying Azeroth, as he saw that there was no option but to destroy the planet to fully clean it. In the lore of mythos, it also especulates that we are all a dream of the old one Azathorh, and everything that is happening is nothing more than his own imagination.

What are your thoughts?

Edit P.S. – another interesting thery is that Azeroth himself created the old gods. Like azathoth created the old ones.

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