Axe Juggernaut Build. For those who want to spin and win.

This is a spin to win build where you will do most of the damage just by spining around with a huge axe. This build revolves around (get it) huge Ki reductions, damage reduction and lifesteal. The spin move makes you very vulnerable so you need to be able to take a few hits and heal from them. The longer you spin the faster you start dealing damage so it’s vital that you can spin for a long duration. The faster you spin the harder it is for enemies to interrupt you as well. That is why it’s called the Axe Juggernaut build. Juggernaut is the X-men villain that starts slow and when he gains momentum becomes unstoppable. Dota 2 players might also realize that Axe and Juggernaut are both heroes in the game that have spin moves.

The build is very strong against Yokai, but weak against human enemies that like to block a lot.

Here is a video of the build in the Oda Nobunaga + wife fight in NG+

Here is a video of the build against Yokai standing in Yokai realm.

Here is a video with my gear and stats.


While this build is pretty easy to play the gear setup is a bit complicated and confusing. So it might be a bit hard to follow. My explanation skills are also not that good. This is also not the definitive version of the build. There are probably many things that can still be improved upon.



Axe Skills

Mad Spinner

The heart and soul of the build.

Battle Focus

When activated this will make your spin last about twice as long.


Gives you HP.

Kintaro Kata:

Increases damage against Yokai. Poor little Yokai.

Cornered Boar:

Makes you tanky as hell when your HP is low.

Inner Light (Mystic Art):

If the sad little Yokai puts up a Yokai realm you will do about twice as much damage while spinning in it.

You will also want to get skills and combos to counter blocking enemies when spinning might not be the best option.

Other weapon skills

All the passives that might benefit the build with damage or survivability. With dual swords mystic arts both are good. One gives more Ki reduction and the other more defense.

Onmyo Magic Skills

Talisman: Sloth

Totally overpowered. Enough said.

Steel Talisman:

Gives you defense.

Carnage Talisman:

Insane damage boost (about 2x), but makes you squishy. Use with caution and in combination with Steel Talisman

Incantation Mastery:

Allows you to equip more spells without having to level magic. Provided of course that you have used enough magic locks.

Awakening (Mystic Art):

Allows you to instantly cast your buffs. Even when spinning. You can time Carnage at points where you can see you are not getting hit.

Ninja Skills

Medicine: Power Pill

Boost damage. Doesn’t stack with Carnage so use this when you want to save Carnage for later.

Quick Change:

Allows you to survive death while this buff is active.

Ninja Tool Mastery:

Allows you to equip more ninja skills without having to level dexterity. Provided of course that you have used enough ninja locks.

Enlightenment (Mystic Art):

You can use your ninja buffs instantly and while spinning.



God-tier stats for a skill based build.


Mandatory Gear:

Yasakani Magatama

Taisharyu Wooden Sword (Strategist of Legend)

2 other pieces of Strategist of Legend set.

1 piece of Master Swordsman’s Power set.

Yasakani Magatama is needed to reduce the setbonus requirements. The 2 sets have skill KI reductions as bonuses.

Ranged Weapons:

any 2 ranges weapons that are part of a set. You want to grab as many different sets in the build as possible since all have damage reduction in the first bonus slot.

Other armor:

You can either go with 2 different unique sets to get 2 separate damage reduction bonuses or with 2 pieces of Tatenashi set (The God of War Looks Down). The 3rd setbonus of Tatanashi increases damage about 5-7%. The bonus damage doesn’t show up on your weapons attack so I had to test and estimate. You should prefer heavy armor. Ebony/Obsidian and Kaido-Maru are good options if you don’t already have a weapon of that set. Warrior of the east also decent if you are not usin the gun from that set.


You have a few options here. Any axe that is part of a set and can be reforged to all the wanted stats is good. I use Kaido-Maru axe and I can confirm that it’s possible to reforge all the good stuff in. A non-set axe is also a possibility. Mononobe axe has one more slot in it, but you miss one damage reduction setbonus and the element damage part is earth. If it’s possible to reforge multiple core stat scaling bonuses to weapons then it could even be the best option.

Core Skills

Body: Get enough for armor requirements and decent HP. If you are high level get 30 at least.

Heart: Get enough for armor requirements. I’m not sure what is the sweetspot here. I have 20 in this.

Stamina: Get enough to get equipment load under 70%. This is also your second highest damage scaling stat so you can put a lot of points here.

Strength: Put tons of points this stat. Your primary damage stat. I have 92 atm.

Skill: No points here. Unless you are using a setpiece that requires it. It’s not optimal however.

Dexterity: Put a few points here so you can get everything from ninja skills.

Spirit: Put 21 points so you can get all the guardian bonuses.


And that is the build. There are a lot of small details I could go in to, but the guide would get very long. If you notice something that should be in the guide let me know.

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