Avoid Cystum Gaming…Server Admin “Syn”

Admin seemed fair enough at first, named Syn. He had a massive base that everyone knew to steer clear as he's the admin. However he had guys in his tribe that eventually launched attacks from this base. On one such occasion his tribe members broke into our base. We ended up closing doors and trapping them in. One of the admins ported them out to safety before we could get to them.

Avatars were disabled mysteriously after we got close to being able to summon them. After another attack on our base we headed for the base the attackers were coming from, only to have the admin spawning in T3 to block us out. He was flying around killing our attacking group. We managed to get around the side of the T3 and made it into the base. We ended up dying to Syn and a bunch of thralls. When we came back Syn was flying around destroying all the structures we made to attack. You can see here in my link http://imgur.com/a/f72Jv He then banned us. Make sure to zoom into the photos you'll see him flying around in the material he's destroying.

We are easy going guys, but when the admin's tribe is launching attacks from his base on your base….you eventually have to respond. We've been raided plenty of times and done raiding and never seen this kind of blatant abuse of power.

If your wanting a healthy competitive server steer clear….they only want lowbies to join to raid them with no recourse. If you put up a fight they will ban you.

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