Avatar suggestion

I think the avatars should be done in a different way. what if you create the avatar on the god altar and while it is being made it will have a stronger and stronger signal to the sky like when u spawn it now. this will take like 12 hours or something and when it is done it has a really strong light going out of the altar maybe lighting in the sky etc over it? this will signal to all players on the server that a avatar is being made and everyone will be in danger. when it is done anyone in the clan/or the creator can take the coin and make the avatar which will be something like it is now. but now the avatar will last for like 30 minutes instead wrecking insane havoc. so if anyone allows the clan to make it (they maybe have to group together to fight the clan who is summoning it etc. i think this will be a much more fun because it will make a bloody fight to crush the making of the avatar and you can just launch it at night when people are sleeping. this will also make the avatar really god and scary when it is being put to play.

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