Auto Kick TKers needed now!

This game is so much fun, but every 5-6 matches, I end up on a boat with a complete troll. You know the type, running around team killing everyone. Now Mastfire, you have put this system in place to allow this moron to ruin my game, what system is in place to remove him? I NEED 6 VOTES? C'mon, it's hard enough to get 6 people to do the same thing in person, much less over a video game. The last match we had 5 votes, and the last guy didn't know how to vote to kick. Great…. and meanwhile, shithead gonna be shitty.

If you have team killed three people in less than two minutes, I shouldn't have to take the time to organize my whole crew to vote kick you, this game shouldn't do it for me. The only way to save you should be a way to forgive the team kill like Red Orchestra. Or at least lower the votes needed down to two or three.

When it is easier to troll than it is to protect yourself from them, then that is the games fault, not the players. There is only a few matches that have a decent enough ping, so when I have to leave a match to not be trolled, then I don't just disconnect, I exit. And I'm probably not the only one. For a game that is 100% dependent on population, that doesn't bode well for the future. Mastfire please fix this now.

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