As we think about our journeys, I would like to thank you all.

TL;DR This game and this community helped me through some of the hardest times of my life, and I wanted to say thank you as we move into the final chapter.

A little bit of context, I am currently a University student studying in Australia to be a teacher, I am on my second year out of high school.

When Destiny first released, I was so happy to start playing, finally a game on PS3 that I could get excited about. I played the Beta and I delved into the Vault of Glass with some random people, and had some of the most fun multiplayer experiences in a game of my life.

Then senior year hit. I had a girlfriend and everything was going pretty well for me, I had good grades and my friend group was stable. Then, everything started to go downhill. My girlfriend of a year and half became… difficult to handle. She blamed the issues she had with her parents on me, all her exam stress was put on me and if I was ever in the position of explaining my problems to her she would say I should man up and stop being emotional. At this point, depression was starting to creep in with stress and being lonely etc, so I just didn't… I didn't think of leaving her and just kept being emotionally attached to something that was hurting me.

Then my friends started finding other people, drifting away, and all the exam stress built up until I had had enough. I started gaining weight because all I would do was sit in my room and study and stress and worry about everything in my life.

This was around the time of House of Wolves, and I had not played between the Dark Below and HoW, and it had just released. I felt so alone, and I needed a pick me up, so I thought, lets see if this game is still any good.

I started again and played through Crota's End, and defeated Skolas for the first time. I then joined a clan, who I have been a part of ever since and have grown to have some of the best friends on a game I have ever had.

I started getting better, I started working out at the gym, running most days and all in all I was more active, studied hard and relaxed with friends more, both online and in real life. I broke up with my girlfriend (actually from help from a clan member), and turned my life around, and ended up getting a very good mark in my finals, around the time of The Taken King, and since then I have never looked back, and never stopped playing Destiny.

All in all, this community changed my life, and took me out of a dark place in my life that I never want to go back to again. If you made it this far into my story, thank you for reading, and you are part of the reason I love this community so much.

Shoutout to The Unduckables clan for the awesome people I have met on there, and with whom I hope to share so many more experiences with in the future.

Have fun in Age of Triumph guys.

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