As a lifelong GR Fan, I’m feeling a complete U-turn on GRW at release.. this is the best GR I ever played.

Once you find yourself in the rhythms of its wide open world, watch another jungle sunset, get ensnared in some emergent battle.. you start to see just how different this game is. For me it's the most rewarding GR experience I've had from the entire (and hugely beloved) franchise, and that's saying a lot considering the Betas left me sorely wavering.

  • The go anywhere, do anything Bolivia really gives the feel of being a small overwhelmed element causing disruption behind enemy lines.
  • I'm actually enjoying the narrative! Loving the way it gradually snowballs and you can approach it your own way with your own methods.
  • I feared the world would be empty, and while not crammed with curiosities, GRW takes you on unique stories ALL the time. Last night I mined a road and set up in a sniper's nest to raid a convoy, execution went smooth but I soon realised my launcher was empty and the chopper was a real problem. Stole a cartel Humvee, made a snaking escape while the AI admirably minigunned the chopper to dust. Reinforcements were in pursuit, as I turned down a walled road with gated checkpoints along it. Burst through the first, but our ride gave up at the second, so we ran into an abandoned warehouse and held out getting back to 'Hunted' just before more heavies arrived. Caused a distraction shooting out windows to get across the road to a bike, and slipped away into the night. It could have been a scripted sequence from start to finish but wasn't – just open world GR.
  • There's so much variety in the camps of the full game, what I thought might be repetitive coming out of the Beta, is in fact very versatile in terms of locations, challenges, and replayability. The AI do STILL need more randomizing for replays and informal revisits though Ubi Paris!
  • All in all, it's been a fraught journey from reveal to release.. and I'd almost given up hope of getting anything like a GR game. Have to say, GRW really delivers. Ramp up the difficulty, limit your HUD, get at least one friend.. and indulge in this tactical GR experience which reminds me of a modern military Red Dead Redemption.

If MGS5 is an epitome of polish, then GRW needs quite a bit more spit shine.. but for its sins, I'm enjoying myself more here than in 5 hours of Solid Snake's world. People have said it, this game is a diamond in the rough.. here's to a great year ahead for our new GR game!

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