As a day 1 guardian, Xür doesn’t feel special anymore not because of owning everything or the abundance of exotics, but because exotics themselves no longer feel ‘exotic’

Been thinking on this quite a bit lately, and the group I've fallen in with is comprised of people who started in House of Wolves or later. Last night while raiding we were talking about the changes made to the game and I was fondly reflecting (well, maybe not so fondly) on the ugliness of early year one, including the exotic drop opportunities. That said, I don't think the fact that exotics are "easily" obtained is the problem. I think it goes back to how weak most of them feel now, weapons and armor.

As a warlock main who plays a ton of hunter as well, the only exotics I think really "feel" right are Ophidian Aspects and Trespasser (in PvP, at least. Gjallarhorn and the swords are awesome for PvE). Maybe I'm incorrect on my thinking here, as exotics should feel powerful, useful, and borderline overpowered. This goes back to Bungie's chosen route of nerfing rather than buffing to bring guns and armor into line.

Also, while we're on the topic, it's aggravating that warlocks are the only class that doesn't have some sort of evade feature or armor piece. Come on Bungie!

Thoughts? Am I out of my element here, or is the a middle ground somewhere?

EDIT: First topic I've ever had reach the front page. Thanks, DTG community!

EDIT 2: Most people against my point of view are saying that exotics are useful, or situationally relevant. While I may agree with some or most of that, exotics should feel like they did in year one – they should be head and shoulders above legendaries. The fact that stock palindrome is better than all the exotic handcannons is…not ideal. That said, I DO like the fact that vendors don't have trash-tier rolls on guns.

EDIT 3: Super touched by the community and the support from all of you, and the discussions as well. Obviously we are all coming from different starting times and have different play times, but our opinions are just as valid. Thank you to /u/Cozmo23 and /u/DeeJ_BNG for being great managers but also to them and the rest of the team for a great, fun game. Destiny is one of 3 games that I would say are my "favorite" and that I keep coming back to/playing the most! Destiny, Skyrim, and (from back in the day, the original that got me hooked on gaming) Sonic 2.

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