As a Conq main, this is what has helped me enjoy the game…

I've seen a drop off with this game already, so I feel like I need to help people enjoy the game to keep it a viable game if I want to continue playing it. And I do, so here are a few things that help me loving this game.

  1. Play to learn, not to win. I've seen a lot of people say that in here and it is tremendously helpful. Instead of smashing my controller into a wall when I see a Valk, now I focus on what I'm doing wrong. (I still hate the Valk though, she just ties my shoelaces together and backs up until I fall down)

2.learn to play/Git Gud Start with blocking, go into duel practice for an hour with the sole intention of blocking. When you have that down, move on to parry, then dodge, then deflect. Then counter guard break and so on.

  1. Play the class you have the hardest time against. Learning the combos of the Orochi has helped me anticipate what their next move is gonna be. It's a bit more of a chess match now. Well, if I do this then he's gonna do that so I should do this instead.

  2. Realize that your play style isn't meant for every game mode. While most characters have assets to every mode, not all players do. I have friends that I play with that are great to team up with in a brawl. But they are garbage at dominion. Because they lack the ability to change their play style accordingly. So, stick to what you're good at OR be more versatile and realize that duels and dominion are very different animals. I suggest the second personally.

  3. Watch videos on YouTube. Watching other people talk about the characters strengths and weaknesses help out with things I didn't notice before. That's one of my faves. Plus the ones about how to win at dominion are very helpful too. (Bring on a team of 4 ppl running in 1 group farming kills instead of points, seriously I welcome it)

  4. Learn the gear stats. Learning about what not to wear has helped out. Now I have some half decent gear and can usually stick out a 4v1 for a couple minutes at least. Might not win, but I'll annoy the piss out of them enough to where a couple people just run away and don't attempt it.

This isn't a complete guide to being good. But it will help you enjoy the game more. Good will come in time. But if it isn't fun then it isn't worth it. So have fun.

TL:DR Stay happy so you can stay with this game so I always have an opponent.

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