Are these known issues? Any solutions?


I've asked on my server and searched online, but no answers so far.

  1. Stability changes in pillars (after server reboots?) I've built a pretty wide round tower on top of another building, using pillars indoor to support the floors. Building took some time but worked out in the end. Top floor is covered with sloped roofing. However, every day or so (maybe after server restarts?) some of the sloped roof tiles are gone. Checking with the repair hammer I see the floor and wall below the broken roof only has stability 20. Going down I see the same on every floor, until I reach the bottom pillars. Some have lower stability than the others and if I destroy them and rebuild (exact same type and place) it's correct again, and I can rebuild the top roof. Then 1-2 days later the pillar stability is lowered again and the roof is gone. This has happened at least three times now, last time yesterday. Is this a known issue? Any solutions? I've added more pillars but it doesn't help, and it looks ridiculous with all those pillars.

  2. Some foundations can't be destroyed Some foundations I've placed partly inside a mountain can't be destroyed, no matter what I do. The interact menu does not appear. I can place and destroy foundations right next to it but not these ones (I have two in my base that I know of). Game restarted and server as well, still can't be destroyed or interacted with. I've noticed there is some "invisible" terrain nearby these foundations (like the terrain is really different from how it displays on screen). Any suggestions?

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