Arcadian Royal Navy | Recruiting

Arcadian Royal Navy

Recruiting semi-hardcore players; serious-minded captains and likeminded crewmates. We aim to fill at least two hoy's and maybe afterwards a galleon. For now your choices are to apply to the HMS Relentless with Commodore Fallon as your captain or apply as a captain yourself to lead our second Hoy or Galleon.

As of yet we have no set practise or scrim times but we try to play together daily and have plans to set up a proper schedule in the near future with a goal in mind to enter (community) esports tournaments and ladders once they present themselves.

We have a few requirements for new captains and crewmen including:

  • EU based, or at least able to keep up with the CET timezone.

  • Weekends available, for tournaments and scrims.

  • Working microphone, a must for captains though we can make an exception for crewmen.

  • 18+, exceptions can be made as it's about maturity, not age.

In exchange we'll offer you a warm welcome, a cup of tea and entry to esports tournaments with a proper team and a chance to win.

Interested? Contact Commodore Fallon on Steam or Ginkinshi in a Reddit message then we'll hook up in game and see if you fit in with us.

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