Anyone have some more advanced tips/tricks?

Hope the title doesn't suggest I'm an advanced player because I'm most definitely not. I've just been over the "beginner tips' threads and articles, and now that I've got 10 hours or so under my belt I was looking for some "post-beginner" tips.

One thing I noticed is to clear a lot of distance to jump once, jump+fire, glide, and helicopter legs can get you to some ledges you might not expect.

So stuff like that. Any tips for combos? How to keep them going longer? Advanced combat maneuvers and when to use them? Thoughts on chip setups? When to use Counter over timing an Evade? What about settings? Did you change the camera settings or controls to make a difference?

The game felt awkward to me until I made a simple change and now I love it. I'm playing on Hard, so no Lock On which meant L2 was going to waste. I was also having trouble hitting up on the d-pad to switch weapon sets mid-combat. I just put Fire on L2 and Weapon Switch on R1 and it made a huge difference! So those ar the kind of things I was hoping to get. I'd like to playthrough the game on Very Hard one day but I need to get a LOT better first. Thanks!!

TL;DR: What are advanced/subtle/non-beginner some tips and tricks you've come across? I'm in love with the game and want to learn everything I can.

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