Anyone else just a little disappointed in the revenant fights? (spoilers if you aren’t far in the game)

Ok, so I get that the glory is one of the big reasons for fighting them, and that also they can drop some badass gear. For the record, nothing I've ever obtained from spending glory has been that great nor has any drop been that great either, and I fight revenants pretty much any time I come across them regardless of level. Anyway, all of that can be overlooked because I at least know there's a chance I'll get some sweet gear from a drop or from the tea house.

My main gripe really is the amrita they drop. At the beginning of the game it was a quick way to get some amrita, but it seems like you never really get more than at the beginning of the game. I'm already at the 4th island, mission "Memories of Death-Lilies" and these fools are still dropping >2k amrita even when I fight higher level ones or "hard" ones. Now the fights aren't super hard, so I'm not asking for a lot, but when I'm at a point in the game where regular easy enemies are dropping like 3k and revenants are dropping like 1-1.5k it just gets kind of tedious fighting them. I don't feel like making them drop at least 3-4k so you at least feel like you're getting somewhere after fighting 15-20 in a row is too much to ask. Thoughts? Anyone else feel the same? Anyone else think I'm an idiot? Feel free to let me know.

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