Anyone else given Nomad a backstory? I have…

I built my guy with the general idea in mind that he was Rabbit from Medal of Honor, past that I didn't have anything in mind. Now having spent hours with him, with a lot of that time driving, flying, stalking, etc. I have developped a bit of a bio for him.

Nomad, AKA Rabbit – used to be with AFO Neptune – a SEAL. During his last operation with the teams he was shot and wounded badly, badly enough that his team thought he was dead. After arriving back at the FOB medical personnel found that he was not dead – yet. Emergency life saving actions were taken and he survived, barely.

However, due to a bit of bad paper work, the fog of war, and the Ghost Recon unit looking for recruits – the fact that Rabbit survived was kept secret. Rabbit was buried, Nomad was born.

Nomad, call sign chosen because he is a man without a home in that his old team thinks he is dead, his family back home thinks he is dead, and he is now working black ops with GR.

After his near miss with death in Afghanistan he was picked up by the Ghosts, rehabilitated and retrained into the autonomous force of nature that he is now. Excelling in his new role Nomad was soon placed in charge of a GR team and given his choice of assignments, looking to get as far away as he could from the two things he thought of as home – the United States and the sand box, he volunteered to go to Bolivia where he could not only ply his craft as a near super natural bringing of death but also could do the thing that drove him to join the military in the first place; to help people.

There are plot holes I'm sure since I don't remember the storyline from GR:AWF very well, so I'm taking it as GRW is the start of cannon instead of another installment. Either way, that is the story of Rabbit.

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