Anyone else get a little sad when they kill a lynel?

Don't get me wrong. These things kicked my ass at first, and the first time I managed to kill one was an awesome feeling. I went on many Lynel farming runs after that. But now that I have done it so many times, it doesn't feel like as epic of a battle anymore.

What makes me just a little bit sad every time I kill one now is its' death animation. It rears up one last time, and then drops to its' knees, with its' head hung low and arms hanging at its' side. It feels like you just killed a rare, majestic beast. They aren't THAT smart, but they're arguably the smartest enemies we come across in BOTW, and I like to think that they have their own culture and rough society, even though they seem like "lone wolf" types. They have to be born and raised in the first place right?

The Lynels seem like they have been raised in harsh enironments, and everything for them is about being wild and tough. After growing to adulthood and overcoming many trials, they claim their own territory and are at the top of the food chain there. They are the most prideful race you will find in Hyrule. Then link comes along, who is this puny little thing, and proceeds to completely destroy them in combat. The way they drop to their knees, staring at the floor shows what they are feeling at that moment just before their death: That everything they have been taught and worked so hard to overcome in their lifetime was wrong or not enough. They have failed completely, and dissapointed themselves and every other Lynel.

Maybe I'm overthinking it haha, I just wanted to type this out and see what everyone else thought of it. I'm really glad they added this touch to their deaths though, it adds a little personality to the enemy and makes me want side-quests and back-stories in which we get to learn about the lives and motivations of these and other enemies.

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