Anyone else feel the recent changes have actually improved Supremacy as a Gametype in a great way?

Good Afternoon Guardians,

Opinions of how the changes play as a whole aside and just referring to the gametype –

Not getting 'Rush Shotgunned' constantly in a very CQC based objective gametype has totally refreshed Supremacy for me

Gun fights over Crests rather than a 'Who can Shotty first' really has got me enjoying this Iron Banner Supremacy much more than it's previous Weeks

I'm actually not against Shotguns either, I'm happy to get bested by one when it's not constantly happening every 10 seconds or all I'm coming up against

Again, opinions of Sidearms away, actually having to 'Battle' for ground and bags of Crests feels great because even though it's taking over a bit, it's still more of a Gun fight than before using one

Supremacy going from a gametype I'd avoid like the SIVA plague is now something I think i'll be much happier to see as the Daily more often, not just because it's IB

The Gunplay has always been a huge plus point for Destiny for me in terms of Gameplay and flow so this feels great to play in Iron Banner this week

Just my 2 Strange Coins

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