Another insignificant (yet unbiased) review of the Open Beta

I played this game WITHOUT any background whatsoever of the old Ghost Recon games, and the last Tom Clancy game I played was Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and Blacklist, which I guess we could all agree are different genres, since GRWL is a tactical shooter.

Conditions in playing the game: Extreme Difficulty w/ HUD (inb4 noob scrub) Always plays with strangers in Co-op


Overall, it's an enjoyable game so far, given its huge amount of bugs and shortcomings, it is enjoyable. How? In my experience, every time I replay each mission, in both Main Story Missions and Side Missions, it feels like I'm playing different stages even though I am playing in one stage. Given that I play with strangers, each and everyone has their own playstyle. Sometimes stealth, sometimes charging in with guns a-blazing, sometimes I played with someone trying to have a no gun-kill run which is quite challenging. So in terms of replayability, I'm quite satisfied with it. I am a man that doesn't like replaying games that much, and given there are only 10 main story missions and a couple of side missions, 14hrs in the Beta means something. It made me interested in 14 hours, in which the average gameplay time of AAA games today is in that range. 8-20+? And I played the beta in 14 hours, with no major dull moments, so I think it's great.

But it is not a game without flaws. As many players here have stated, it has a LOT to fix. There are only a few flaws that is quite a major nuisance, but most of it? We can live with it.

IMHO, the Major nuisances in the game are the following:

The AI knows where you are when you miss a shot and they are alerted. (I tried sniping somebody about 400m long, and the reinforcements KNOW exactly my Last Position??)

The heli controls are abysmal. The minigun and the missiles become pointless because of it. It works, yes, but nobody can use it well.

The vehicles become destroyed so easily. I accidentally bumped onto a civilian's car, while not in top speed, and the damage seems like it bumped onto a wall or something hard. It was funny and annoying at the same time for me.

Bullet travel time is kinda slow. Even without suppressors. But I'm not a gun expert, so forgive me on this.

Holt, Weaver, and the other guy whose name escapes me as of this moment.

So far, that's all. This is only my personal opinion on the game anyway. All I know is it's a sure buy for me on release.

Everyone has the right to disagree with whatever I stated here. In your disagreement, I might learn a thing or two or maybe realized I missed something.

See you all on the final build! (If ever)

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