Another initiation story

Sorry I did not take video for it but since it seems people like the kindergardian initiations on Caydes Stash I thought I would share my story.

I recently got a PS4 for my girlfriend in hopes of getting her to try destiny and play with me. While she is still learning and doing well for her first real console gaming since Sonic on the Sega genesis, her brother has really gotten into the game.

As he was leveling I was waiting for the time I could take him through the start of The Taken King missions looking forward to initiating him with his flight off the ledge, but the best part was just getting to that point. After crossing the bridge, and clearing that first room, I watched as he missed a jump, and somehow landed on a ledge over the edge of that first room, then laughed as he kept trying to jump back up, watching his guardians head keep poping up over the edge, then back down. eventually he missed the landing and fell off the edge. He managed to get stuck in about 3 different places over that edge before I finally got him to follow me up to the jump before the taken Phalanx. I tell him to jump over and I will be right behind him.

I watch his screen, as we are both in the same room, he jumps over, sees the Phalanx and goes "oh s**t" it does its thing but he does not go flying. Somehow he got lucky and was pushed into the door frame and got caught instead of going flying over the edge.

He looks over at me and says "you did that on purpose didn't you" I agree and congratulate him on passing his initiation.

TLW: Trying to get my GF to play destiny, her brother likes it more, and we have fun playing together, and I get to be a guide to help him navigate one of the best games around.

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