Announcing /r/Shinju – A Revenant Trading Subreddit

Hey guys,

Some of you may know me, some of you may not. I run the trading subreddits for the Dark Souls communities: /r/pumparum , /r/wheelanddeal, /r/snuggly. I also made, maintain, and run the karma bot and flair systems for those subreddits as well as /r/ochokocup . A recent thread indicated a desire to set up a revenant trading post.

I have done so. It is here: /r/shinju

This game is funny with trading. It's not very cut and dry, and I'm not sure how to organize it best, so for now, I'm not putting up any rules. That said, if the demand grows and there's a clear need, I will implement something to automate the organization. Perhaps by weapon class, armor, or set? Unsure. I wont decide now.

You may use this subreddit as much as you want, but realize I will not get involved in conflict resolution in the way that I do on Dark Souls subreddits as there's no way to lose items from bad trades in this game.

The karma bot is in place. You may give someone karma who you've had a conversation with on the subreddit. To do so, simply respond to their post with:


And the bot will respond to you letting you know if the assignment went well.

Please subscribe to keep the community healthy.

If anyone wants to write guides for trading, please do so. I will sticky them and place them in the sidebar. I'm still learning the game myself so I'm way behind you all. I will have to trust you to do a good job for now.



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