Animal/Beast/Monster behaviour

17 years age a game appeared on the market : GOTHIC , it had a simple AI and yet it was AWESOME. Almost every creature that felt threateneed by a player ( approch at a certain distance ) screeched or grawled three times and then attacked or if you walked away they went to their activites back which is eating or walking around and of course fighting other wildlife. My question is will conan exiles eventually have a system like this or similar ? I would really like to see pack animals actually be in packs – > Anthelopes, ostriches, hyenas. Anthelopes should run away as far as they can and not in circles, hunting them should only be done via bow, similar the big birds. Hyenas should avoid you as far as you are not going closer, Rhinos should also avoid you and attack only if threatened. Aligators should wait in water and only do a charge attack which should immobilise you for a few miliseconds and not chase you with high speed around the map. Also those creatures should attack themselves and tend to themselves not just randomly walk around, this would make the game world more immersive and fun to play because now I feel like pacman running around from everyone chasing me constantly

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