An optimization that MUST take place.

Huge failing in Ark — wasted geometry. It's even worse in Conan Exiles due to the ambitious triangle pieces.

If I make a hexagon, I have 12 sides worth of geometry that is mostly invisible and wasting resources. It's also needing to be calculated for ambient occlusion. Finally, each triangle foundation has it's own specialized hit box. Players are quickly taking to the opportunity these shape provide.

If I make a large area of flooring with foundations, 5 by 5, all those internal foundations have 4 non-visible sides. Still weighing down on graphics. Still nomming up collision calculations.

  • Offer 3 by 3 foundation recipes that have the health pool of 9 foundations.
  • Offer hexagon foundations that have the health pool of 6 triangle foundations.
  • Offer 6 sloped ceiling pointed crowns, with the 6 sloped ceiling health.
  • Offer 3 by 3 ceilings, etc.

On all of these "Combined" objects, clean up the hidden geometry and have an optimized hitbox. I suggest that these be recipe objects so players can make the choice to have combined hitboxes/healthpools or to not. For strategic reasons.

As it stands right now, a triangle construction "Star of david" shaped tower foundation that fills the area of 5 by 5 foundations can drop FPS by 10-15. The hitboxes and collision are murder on the server too.

Please don't let this get like Ark where servers have to get wiped because you have truly amazing pieces of work all over the server, and the server can no longer handle it because the building pieces are so rudimentary.

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