An Important Message to All invokers.

Please, for the non-existent love and mercy of Nobunaga Oda, stop being dense. If you summon me to your world, then either:

A. You need my help.


B. We're friends doing co-op.

Since we're most-likely option A, let me do my job and man the front. Even if you know where you're going, even if I don't, please let me front line. That is my job. It's why I assume you summoned me in the first place. What I'm not here to do, is waste 20 seconds to 3 minutes of my actual mortal time (that I'll never get back btw) to see you run headlong at every damn enemy only to get comboed (to death), knocked off a ledge (and die), or instakilled because you think the best tactic is to continuously attack a boss while low on stamina, out of healing items, and in melee range of an incoming but extremely telegraphed attack with your guard down like a turkey drowning in light rain.

That is not my job. If you're so sure of yourself that you think you're impervious to all danger and can run at any threat without repercussion then you probably don't need to summon other players. This isn't directed towards all invokers, as there are still those out there who can understand that "the summoned help taking the hit versus them" is a vastly better option when you're running around for minutes looking for the next shrine trying not to die.

Thank you,

Just another Anjin

P.S. Emotes have uses, people. Not just for the enemy but for basic human comprehension too. If I whistle I probably want you to follow me; just maybe I know where to go. If I use the settle down (aka wait here) emote, then run down a stairwell, chances are I want you to wait while I negate the boulder trap that will activate and not run right behind me and get crushed because you don't know about the slots in the wall to avoid it.

P.S.S. Don't summon me and then stand still for 10 minutes like your mom called you for dinner or expect me to fight all your battles while you wait in leisure. I'm not a babysitter, I'm a grown man escaped from a prison in London looking for a weirdo in a cloak and a spirit. Two completely different things.

P.S.S.S. Stop trying to fight every damn revenant you see, too. If you can't even do moderate damage to them on your own then, don't whisk me away to your world to do it for you. While I too enjoy the challenge, glory, and items they offer, I would much rather prefer that we're both qualified to take on the threat. Unless your intention is a warrior's death and someone to witness you; then I'll just watch the next fight, champ.

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