An evaluation of the game after 38 hours played.

Hello all! After playing both singleplayer and multiplayer, I would like to share my feedback. Most of this will be early game stuff as I will try not to focus on late game too much as it's not all that developed yet.

Let's start with Multiplayer.

  • Objects placed by players that have less than X amount of hours played on the server should have a decay timeout. Of the few servers I played on, they were riddled with abandoned houses and random sleeping bags everywhere.

  • Claiming a plot of land should have a specific object tied to it. (i.e. A full structure; foundation, walls, ceiling. Other objects such as campfires, sleeping bags, or other minor objects should not share these land claiming rules.)

  • Chat should default to local and should support slash commands. (i.e. /g for global) The amount of local spam I see in global is astonishing and it's mostly because people are just unaware that local chat exists.

  • Clans have ranks. Chests, doors, and other interactable objects should utilize these ranks. (i.e. Officers only buildings, chests, etc.) This would take away a lot of the hesitation people have inviting people to join their clan.

  • Objects built while in a Clan are clan property, however the property you crafted before you joined that clan should remain yours if you decide to leave the clan. (The clan leader is exempt from this, all their property is and will remain clan property.)

  • Players should be prohibited from building near/on exile encampments.

Moving onto the core game now

  • Exiles (Thralls) need to be randomized when spawning within the encampment. Currently there is a little random generation, but a blacksmith will always spawn in the same place. Static spawns are bad for the thrall system, this leads to farming the same spot over and over and discourages exploration.

  • Exile Rangers a little too accurate for the amount of damage they deal. Reduce the damage and increase the frequency at which they shoot and reduce the accuracy in which they shoot. These are exiles, not sharpshooters.

  • Wielding a shield should reduce damage slightly even if you're not currently blocking. You're giving up the ability to have a 2H weapon for a shield and the attacks are pretty poorly timed. Just granting something like a flat 10% damage reduction for wielding a shield in your offhand would help immensely.

  • Bows are absolutely horrible. I'm not really sure how to fix them, but I figured it was worth nothing.

  • Some wildlife should naturally be hostile towards each other. (i.e. Turtlebros and Crocodiles) This will help from one area becoming too packed with various types of wildlife overwhelming the player.

  • Enemies need a line of sight system. If I'm walking 500m behind an enemy, there's a good chance they're not going to see me. The aggro radius in this game is absolutely ridiculous. Tone it done just a tad and add some parameters to make the world feel a bit more realistic, this isn't an MMO, don't treat it like one.

  • Reduce the cost for repairing iron (and higher) tools/weapons. It should not cost 15ingots to repair my 20 ingot sword. (Alternatively, make metal based tools last longer with a higher initial craft amount.)

  • Allow the creation of distraction type items for enemies, limit it to enemies found in the starting location. This will allow players to blind certain creatures with this mixture to allow a quick get away instead of continuously running for half the map.

  • Quickstack for inventory to stash please!

That's all I can really think of for now without getting too carried away. Looking forward to updates and news.

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