An anecdote from a roleplaying server

Do you sometimes have the most random memories come up at the most random times? I was reminded of this, somehow, while cycling today.

Now, this was in vanilla Wow, on a RP-PVP server in the EU. Both are very important distinctions to the story, because apparently before TBC, lasers hadn't been mainstream yet. There was this guild, 'Laser Beam Pew Pew', which consisted of a bunch of smartasses, who trolled around lots, also on the realmforum. The debate started that their name wasn't roleplayfull enough, and because half the server kinda hated these smartasses, people threw in arguments to persuade the GM's. Some even named the guildname offensive, because of lasers used in cancer treatment.

The GM's gave in, but instead of allowing the smartasses to come up with a new guildname, they just made their name a lot more roleplayingish, so from that day 'Laser Beam Pew Pew' was known as 'Sword Attack Cleng Cleng'.

It was pretty wholesome, even the guild themselves loved it.
Thank you GM's. Still giving me a laugh ten years on.

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