Am I doing something wrong here?

I've recently hit level 47 and I'm at the beginning of Maker's End when I noticed that the vast majority of my datapoints are unfound. I realized that, given how far in the game I am, I must have completely missed them altogether except for a few obvious places. Now when I mean the majority, I have only a little over half of the top row of audio datapoints (the ones from the beginning), two holograms, three text datapoints for quests, and 9/72 world texts that were in blatantly obvious places. I searched online and nobody else seems to have much trouble getting a decent amount of datapoints without much difficulty on their own, whereas for me they were just so invisible I forgot they were even part of the game. Even using a guide the few I looked for were really hard to find for me. This would mean that were I to start the game over and actually actively look for them on my own I would find almost nothing. Cuz holy crap, that's a big open world to explore with no pointers on where to go to find datapoints. So am I playing the game the wrong way? I guess this is a stupid question but it just frustrates me that I seem to be the only one having this problem.

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