Am I Cursed?

I've got more than a few hours logged into this game. I don't put in streamer type hours, but I try to log on for a few hours each day after the wife and kids go down. I've never taken a break from Destiny that wasn't due to being away from my PS3/PS4 like on vacation.

My buddies have always joked that I have some of the worst luck in the game, primarily when it comes to rewards.

I'm still on the lookout for my first Jade Rabbit. My buddy that started after Taken King but before the April Update, the same person I worked through the refer-a-friend campaign with has received several to the point where he jokingly points out each time he breaks one down. I just chalked that up to him having very good luck.

Now we get to Iron Banner. I was looking through my inventory and dreaming of what I'd do with all the infusion material that was heading my way. I quickly made a "shopping list" of the weapon types I'd need to get my exotic collection (minus the Jade Rabbit) up to LL400. I was set on special weapons. I could use one more heavy, and I needed 7 primary weapons. The first few games I saw that the rewards were flowing like recent banners past. Artifacts and snipers were dropping left and right, and I saw other people getting the hand cannon.

Well, after 34 games, I have yet to receive a primary weapon drop in a post game reward. My Shaxx weekly bounties have rewarded strange coins twice and a fusion rifle. I'm starting to think that maybe I am actually cursed!

TL/DR: RNGesus loves the little children… but hates me.

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