Aloy: a great video game model

I want to say I'm "new" to video games, but I'm really just inexperienced. I've been playing skyrim religiously for 2 years, and it's been very difficult to find new games I enjoy.

Horizon Zero Dawn was everything I wanted in a game almost from the beginning. The combat was too difficult for me on normal (I know- such a noob), but after I lowered the combat settings, I was fine. I'm more interested in the story anyway.

I just wanted to say that I'm glad that Guerilla went with a female character that is modestly clothed throughout the game and has realistic armor properties for armor that shows some skin.

I feel like her being dressed in the bare minimum could have been excused or argued for, since she's an outcast in the beginning of the game. It could have been argued that she didn't have access to real clothes or blah blah blah. But no. She's fully clothed from the beginning.

Even when you're looking at the Carjan Silk armors, they only show her stomach. And there are no armor properties for it, only modification capabilities. It's a realistic armor and I liked that.

After you get to know her personality more, you can even see that they set her up as an unflinchingly badass character (and I mean unflinchingly. She goes through intense situations and she's always just like "??? Do you know who I am??? I'll kill you right here") that wouldn't even tolerate being almost nude.

I just love how this game designed. Maybe I'm too new to the modern video games, but I just really enjoyed Aloy as a character, every aspect of her, and hope she becomes a well known character. Guerilla deserves some praise for this, I believe.

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