All the things that are bothering us

Lately Smite has built huge amount of small (and not that small) bugs and "things" that have been annoying for a long time. Some of them have been requested many times yet they still exist. The point of this thread is to collect all (or at least most) of the bugs that have been bothering us in one place. I chose Reddit because from what it looks like HiRez are paying more attention to Reddit than to their own official forums. Another member made a similar thread here, in Reddit, and in the Forums as well but for some reason I can't seem to find it. I got inspired mainly from him but with the difference I am going to include few other things as well. (If the user sees this thread he is free to contact him so I can include his name). Part from the notes that I'll make in the thread will be from other people and I will include their name. I will be stupid to ask everyone and wait for response from everyone for permission that's why if someone doesn't like being included in the thread please contact me. Anyway, let's get straight to it.

Popular items – by TripleCharged
The Popular items are said to be driven by data and that it needs some time. However you can do the math yourselves how long have we been already in Season 4 and they are still outdated. The data from S1/S2/S3 hasn't been cleared looks like because some of the items are being spotted in the Popular items and especially in S4 some of them are really bad (Rage for example). The data should be cleared so that the items can update by themselves for S4, not including previous seasons.

Quite commonly discussed by the majority of players. Hi-Rez is no longer that small company it used to be. They have the budged for new games yet people are still complaining about crappy servers. There's no much discussion here, we are all aware of the situation.

Achievements points missing
I created a thread in the Smite Forums about this yet almost no one spoke about it. The achievements points are now missing from the Profile Tab. The Diamond replaced them so we can no longer see them. If they are gone intentionally then what is the point in Achievements bringing points when we can't even see/check them.

Un-PLAY-able – by BigDingus
Recently I've experienced this issue (apparently other people as well) where if you log in the game you can't click on the PLAY button. It stays dark-green. Not only that but you can't also be invited in party or invite someone. The fix so far is simple – restart the game. However I don't think it should be ignored and it should be fixed.

The new Worshippers Tab – by nazzyc
Quite a lot of people don't like the new Worshippers tab (including me) so we want new design or at least option to bring the old design back. nazzyc has made a thread about it which you can check it out. He recreated the Tab and it seems like the people like it more than the current one.

Clan Tab
I created another thread for this topic as well which also has been forgotten. You can check it here because I already listed most of the things and formatted them so there is really no point in copying the thread here. Anyone that wants to check it out can do it from the link above.

Wisdom Tab
This tab is probably the most outdated thing in Smite. It needs total overhaul and new videos showing better tutorials for new players.

All the small bugs
I left this for last because quite a lot of people experience different bugs.

  • Fafnir's Wonderlands
    After completing Conquest the "Fafnir's Wonderland" text shows on top of the End Match Lobby. It hasn't been fixed since… you guessed it… the Fafnir's Wonderland patch.
  • Profile->Ranked
    If you go to someone's profile, check their Ranked tab and go back to your Profile->Ranked tab the ranks from the man who you checked earlier are being copied on top of yours. So lets say the man X has rank Diamond 3 in S3 Conquest and you have rank Gold 3 in S3 Conquest after getting back to your profile it says that you have Diamond 3.
  • Quests tab
    Most of the times it has been showing the wrong amount of quests available. Quite often I see quests available even though I completed them all. Or the other thing around – right now it shows I don't have quests while I have 2 available.
  • Victory Screen – by Gynlegros
    Small bug that has been annoying for a long time. Sometimes you get stuck at the end of the match during VICTORY message. Almost everyone has experienced it and it still hasn't been fixed.
  • Unresponsive relics
    Most commonly seen with Aegis. Is is often reported that players couldn't activate their relics even if they are not under hard CC.

Ingame commands
This thing is more like a suggestion but it would be good if you add more ingame commands. Like command to block someone even if they are not in the match, or to kick someone from clan. Another thing would be to be added is hotkey for hiding/showing your chat. It would be appreciated if you add an option to hide or show your chat with simple button. That way even though if we don't have the time to block someone (if you add block command at all) we can simply hide the chat so we don't get distracted.

That's most of the things I can think right now. If you have more suggestions or you've been witness to more bugs in the game feel free to discuss them but keep it all friendly, ok?

PS: This is my first thread here so please excuse me if the formatting is bad.

EDIT: Did some more formatting and changed the place of the Victory Screen section under Small bugs because… well it's a small bug. Also added another bug – Unresponsive relics.

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