All I Want Is Twisted Metal Morrigan. Why Is That So Difficult?

I know it's a common topic, and there was a whole post about amount of exclusive skins yesterday, but I can't help myself.

I got really excited with the Twisted Metal skin for Morrigan. She has quickly become one of my favorite gods to play, and I was so glad that her first real good skin (yes there's the Woodland Rogue but it's just a recolor with a cloak hood, a Tier 2, not doing it for me) and was totally prepared to pay 600 gems. Of course when I go to it, there's the infamous Exclusive tag. I let out a frustrated groan at the realization I'll now have to go through a chest. Oh well, I still want this skin, I'll hate myself, but it'll probably just be a 6 item chest since there isn't really many other skins of that genre in the game. I'll manage.

Get to the chest. What do I see? 55 items. We have 2 of these gothic punk skins, and yet they managed to stuff in 55 fucking items. Tier 3 and Tier 4 skins. Of course. Announcer Packs? Why? I don't care. Voice Packs. It'll just be for some god I don't play since I have the voice packs for the ones I do. Great. Wards? Are you fucking kidding me Hi-Rez? Fucking wards? The most useless skins, and I'm going to be forced the risk of owning something I literally couldn't care less about?

I don't tend to be lucky when it comes to chests, in fact last time I ever paid for a chest (I don't remember the skin) there was 8 items. I had to pay 8 times because the skin I wanted was the last one I got. FML right? So if this was to happen with the Gothic Chest, with me already owning 24 of the 55 items, I'd still have to fork over at max 6200 gems. And that's with me already owning 24. If I owned none? 11,000 gems. Eleven thousand gems at maximum. For one skin. One. fucking. skin.

It's a small issue in comparison to actual gameplay, but it's this bullshit that makes me want to play Smite less and less, hate Hi-Rez a little more and more, and make me wonder a little more and more that yes, they do need to earn money, but at the same time, last I checked, League of Legends handles their skins immensly better, and they are the same F2P MOBA as Smite. I don't mind some Exclusive skins for holidays or special promos. But like the great post yesterday it's just all the time. They aren't Exclusive because it's the norm. The real Exclusive skins are the ones you can just directly buy. I am flabbergasted Hi-Rez actually allows us to directly purchase Mini Metal Jing Wei and Final Boss Thanatos.

All I want is a new skin for a new (ish) god that I love, but I will never own it,because I can't bring myself to throw away gems on things I don't want, and if I got a ward, I'd probably break something valuable out of anger.

I'm just tired guys. Tired of so many posts about this topic with no response from Hi-Rez (but don't worry they have hundreds of forced meme jokes that will make you want to hang yourself they are so cringy bad). Tired of so many cool skins just passing me by, with no signs of this method ever stopping. Tired of the seemingly unnecessary greedy grubbiness. Tired of Smite and Hi-Rez. Just. Tired.

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