All 3 Characters Solo 390 Crota (With Tips, Builds, and Brief Walkthroughs of Each)



In case you missed the first Warlock yesterday:

These were all extremely fun to do! Especially the Titan. I am more than happy to make guide/how-to videos if enough people request them. But for now, I'll give a brief overview of each class.

As for the Sleeper bounce. I found this bounce yesterday as I was playing around with all sorts of different angles and distances. I started far back and just kept working my way forward until BANG! I saw DOUBLE numbers pop up. I realized that Sleeper bounces off the back of Crota's "stage" and hits the oversoul a second time. This allows you to solo eliminate the oversoul. Changed the ballgame. Watch my videos closely to see exactly where I stand and fire.

As for the hits required to kill Crota. I believe that it's about 15 hits. I could be wrong and it could be 15.5. I haven't really closely studied it to be honest. Either way, it seems that if you exceed 12 hits within your first 3 downs, he enrages. So the trick is to get 11 hits solo in your first 3 downs, then the remaining 4 on your final kneel. By "hit" I mean a full RT/R2.

Warlock – It's a basic Sunsinger build with double grenade, viking funeral and touch of flame. Max Disc. Shotgun for the Swordbearer and Sleeper for the oversoul. To take Crota down, I tossed 3 grenades and slowly approached him as the burn took him down. You can immediately jump up and throw a 4th grenade, but it's not necessary. All preference. Then immediately jump down and shoot oversoul. Ogres can be killed by spawn trapping them with either Sleeper or a shotgun. The second ogre can be killed with whatever you want (sniper, primary, heavy).

Hunter – The hunter requires Nighthawk and Gjallarhorn for my method. Gunslinger build with high INT and STR. Incendiary grenade and double throwing knife. Shotgun for Swordbearer and Gjallarhorn for Crota. To take Crota down, I shot 1 Gjallarhorn, tossed a throwing knife WITH BURN, then shot another Gjallarhorn, picked up the sword, and charged him aggressively. If you're lucky you'll get 3.5 hits; 2.5 seemed to happen more often. It was tough for me to find a good sequence that allowed me to be right next to Crota when he went down. 2 Ghorns didn't always down him, 2 throwing knives downed him too fast, and Nighthawk also downs him too fast. So play around! I simply planned for a double-down on the 5th phase… 1 down with Ghorn and the second with Nighthawk to finish him off.

Titan – Hammers baby! Sunbreaker build with Sunspots and double fusion grenades. Shotgun for captain and Sleeper for oversoul. To take Crota down, activate hammers and toss FOUR hammers at him, then pick up the sword and charge. Sometimes he will burn down as you jump up, other times it requires a fusion grenade toss. Just check his health bar as you're jumping up. If you see a small shield amount left = fusion. On the final phase, I switch to Ghorn. This was in case I wasn't able to get the final 4 hits in (which I wasn't in my video). Since you no longer need to kill oversoul, Ghorn can be used to double-down him at the end. I tossed a fusion grenade in between Ghorn shots to ensure his take-down.

A few more tips:

1) Don't crouch when using Sleeper on oversoul. I found that crouching sometimes denies the bounce.

2) When running towards Crota for damage, perform a slight juke to the right if he is shooting at you, or if Boomers are shooting at you.

3) When preparing to take his shield down from the rock, jump up to grab his attention. Then let him shoot at you and when he does, crouch on the rock. Timing his shooting is key, otherwise he'll blast you as you're jumping up.

4) When spawn killing first ogre, charge him with a shotgun and then back up and rotate the other way around the pillar (opposite of the direction he's moving). He'll never shoot you. For the second ogre: if he's low, charge him with your primary and he'll enrage and won't shoot you.

5) You don't need Sleeper on your final round. So switch to Ghorn and prepare for a double-down if something goes wrong!

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