Ah yes, the Age of Triumph. A chance to look back at all of our fondest memories from year one.


  • Forever 29 (F*** you boots)
  • Forever 31 (Seriously F***ing boots)
  • Instantly 34 (Shout out to Etheric Light)
  • Crota lagging into the crystal room or standing up instantly or just being a laggy little bitch in general.
  • Everyone who was positive that an exotic rocket launcher is worthless in week 2.
  • Year one crucible starring Suros Regime, The Last Word, and Thorn.
  • The best raid exotic Vex Mythoclast followed by the worst raid exotic Necrochasm.
  • Beating Skolas, the hardest boss in HoW in under 30 seconds.
  • The elusive Fatebringer and Praetorean foil.
  • The elusive Crux of Crota.
  • Nightfalls with no wipes allowed.
  • Walking around with your head on fire after beating a nightfall whether you wanted to or not.
  • Creating a stupid looking character with the surest confidence that Bungie will let you change it later if you want.
  • The loot cave (May it rest in peace).
  • Salty Rahool turning your purples into blues one agonizing engram at a time.
  • Icebreaker, breaker of raids and nightfalls.
  • Pocket Infinity (which used to fire 7 bolts at once)
  • An exo stranger we’ve met twice who never had time to explain why she didn’t have time to explain.
  • Rockets McDickface having 3x as much health as he does now.
  • PS exclusives Hawkmoon, 4th horseman, and Monte Carlo.
  • The only event, Queen’s Wrath.
  • The only bounty, kill Grayliks, Winter Baron.
  • Waiting for everyone to do the heavy ammo glitch and charge supers for Crota for 5 minutes only to wipe 15 seconds after starting

With a noted absence from:

  • 3 of coins (getting an exotic was a special occasion)
  • Glass needles (Enjoy that 80% stat roll)
  • A cohesive storyline.
  • A smart loot system (what do you mean you didn’t want a 15th pair of gauntlets and an 8th Atheon’s epilogue?)
  • Legendary Drops in Iron Banner.

With guest appearances from your favorite LFG groups:

  • “Must have G horn”
  • “Must have Icebreaker”
  • “Must have never died in the history of the game.”
  • “Must be great crucible player” -Trials of Osiris week 1
  • “Must have 12.0 KD and gone flawless 45 times” – Trials of Osiris week 2
  • “If you die, you get kicked”
  • “Must have completed hard mode flawless” – Never completed normal mode

And how could we forget:

  • Grinding for Ascendant Shards
  • Grinding For Planetary Mats
  • Grinding Bounties for days to unlock exotic perks
  • Passing around Gorgons Checkpoints
  • Making tough decisions about loot because you had no vault space
  • Glimmer Farming for days
  • Exotics never dropping in crucible
  • That whole month where Xur decided we just didn’t need Heavy ammo
  • Re-rolling Replenish 21x when all you wanted was Shot Package
  • Never having enough weapon parts (The gunsmith didn’t sell them)
  • Trying to farm those elusive treasure keys
  • Xur selling you voidfang vestments and sunbreakers for the 7th week in a row when all you wanted was something new
  • Having Vanguard and Crucible marks and only being able to earn a certain amount each week

Just some funny and rage-inducing memories from year one. While year one was nostalgic, it makes me glad Bungie has evolved this game over the past 3 years. Hope you guys enjoy. Comment with any of your favorites from year one I may have missed.

Edit: Added Comment Suggestions

Edit 2: Wow front page! Thanks everybody! I’m doing my best to add to the list as I see the comments. Also, to clarify, this list is year 1 only. I may do a year 2 list soon but for now, I’ll only be including suggestions from year one.

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