Age of Triumphs Reveal Meagthread

Today, Bungie is revealing the "Age of Triumphs" to send off the first 3 years of Destiny with style.

As is tradition, there will be a DestinyReddit Live Thread for those who can't make it to the Office Twitch Stream.

While the reveal is happening, there will be NO NEW THREADS allowed. All information regarding the release MUST be contained in this thread. Once the reveal has finished we will allow new threads for high quality submissions.

We will be updating this thread as we go along, when we can however our focus will be on the Reddit Live thread.

Oh, and GET HYPED!!!


  1. Office Twitch Stream with
    • Lead Designer Ryan Paradis
    • Senior Designer Joe Blackburn
    • Deej
  2. DestinyReddit Live Thread with
    • /u/D0cR3d
    • /u/MisterWoodhouse
  3. Teaser Video previewed on Mar 6, 2017

What we've learned:

  1. Recording of the stream

  2. Source to this writeup below

  3. All the Screenshots Taken

  • Release date is March 28, 2017. This is the last event for all of Destiny 1.
  • Light level is not increasing.
  • All Raids are being brought up to light level 390.
    • Weekly featured raids will have all the challenges available
    • Challenge modes unlock Age of Triumph ornament
    • New rewards from old raids
    • New raid sparrows and ghosts
    • New armor will drop at 400 light
    • Updated raids available when they are not the weekly, however that is only after Week 3
    • Crota's End has been fixed and has some changes.
    • Week 1 is Crota's End, Week 2 is Vault of Glass, and Week 3 is Kings Fall
    • All raids are going to have new armor sets and ornaments
    • Patch notes will be very vague on Raid changes as to not spoil the new changes.

New record book comprised of 13 pages.

  1. Rewards

  2. Commemoration

    Special milestone to celebrate Day 1 players, which rewards an emblem.

  3. Story

    Age of Triumph 'Commemoration' and Story pages will be auto fill in.

  4. Titan's Will

  5. Hunter's Way

    Class Specific pages each comprised of the same milestones:

    Emblem is awarded for each completed page for the classes

    • 250 melee kills
    • Crucible quests
    • Super Kills
  6. Warlock's Path

  7. Strikes

  8. Crucible

    Crucible pages have to be completed after the launch of the event.

  9. Raids

    • Raid specific pages
    • 4 new challenge modes for the raids
    • elemental primaries are back
    • 400 Vex Mythoclast has been officially confirmed
    • Elemental primary sandbox changes will be announced in the 3rd reveal stream
  10. Collections

    • Not all shaders, ships and ghosts are required to complete the nodes
  11. Wanderer

  12. Allegiances

    • Get rank 25 in all 3 factions
    • Iron banner only rank 5
  13. Trials of Osiris

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